Meet the Staff – D.A. Speer

Daniel was raised in the woods of Dickson, TN by a group of elves. He ate lots of turnips and grew up quickly, learned kung fu and mercilessly fought his way through the ranks to become Dickson County’s own king of the gnomes. Soon, he grew bored and bid them a tear-filled farewell, then sailed away to Bible college where he met the girl who would become his wife. They got married, had kids, then his family ended up being international missionaries just outside of Tokyo, Japan. He kind of sort of likes gaming, graphic novels, and good podcasts.


We are staff and we are legion.

One thought on “Meet the Staff – D.A. Speer

  • April 6, 2022 at 9:19 pm

    Daniel Spear is also known as Wafflehouse-guy after a bizarre turn of events that made us end up eating together at waffle house with my sisters and my Dad.


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