National Selfie Day or That Time REO Ruined Things For Everyone

Today is National Selfie Day. Here at REO, we pride ourselves on always being at the forefront of cultural trends. So, we figured we needed to take part in this awesome day that celebrates our society’s obsession with self…we mean, selfies! Unfortunately, we have not developed our selfie-taking skills since we are not female and/or in our teens or early 20s. Additionally, we are ashamed to admit it, but most of us don’t even own a selfie stick. The horror!

We did our best with the gifts we have been given. Our best is not very good, though. In fact, our best is very bad. Still, we can now say we participated in National Selfie Day. Based on our results, we hope our submission will be the catalyst to end this day forever. So, you’re welcome.

Nathan Patton chose to commemorate National Selfie Day by frightening all the children of the world.

National Selfie Day - Nathan Patton
The stuff of nightmares.

Ben Plunkett decided to celebrate National Selfie Day with a reflection into his very soul!

National Selfie Day - Ben Plunkett
Yep. That’s his soul all right.

D.A. Speer elected to go with mockery. Ironic mockery.

National Selfie Day - D.A. Speer
“I make this look good.”

Phill Lytle, being a giant nerd, did his best “Eye of Sauron” impression.

“A great eye, lidless, wreathed in flame.”

David Lytle decided to include his daughter in the fun. She does not seem impressed.

Is that what they call the “stink eye”?


As we stated earlier, this is the best we could do. We realize most of these selfies are awful, yet we are but humble men of humble means and we beg your forgiveness for our foibles.

We welcome your selfies on our social media platforms.  

Nathan Patton

Nathan lives in the foothills of the Ozarks in Southeastern Missouri with his wife and five children. They used to live in New York City; and, while they sometimes miss it, especially the food and public transportation, they do enjoy being closer to nature and Cardinals baseball.

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