A New Home for Tennessee Titans Content: Titans Ever On

Early on in the whole Rambling Ever On thing, I decided that it would be fun to include as much Tennessee Titans content as possible. After about a year of weekly content, I decided to broaden the scope and focus on the entire NFL, to mixed results. I am proud of the content we produced but my passion is the Tennessee Titans so I’ve decided I would rather focus almost exclusively on them going forward. Enter Titans Ever On.

Titans Ever On

The Rambling Ever On staff deliberated for some time on the best approach to take. We are not a sports’ website, though we do venture into the world of sports often as most of us are very passionate sports’ fans. But, when we did regular, weekly Titans or NFL articles, it tended to dominate the site. It also ran the risk of creating the impression we were a sports’ site. And some might have even been turned off to REO as a whole because of all the football talk. We did not want that.

So, we have decided to move all future Titans and NFL content to a new home – Titans Ever On. We truly believe it is the best of both worlds. Rambling Ever On will continue to be exactly what it has been – awesome. And Titans Ever On will become your new favorite Titans website. (Bold ambitions for sure.) If you are a fan of the team, click the link to go to the new home for Titans content. Thanks for reading and keep on rambling.

Phill Lytle

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