With Eyes of Laughter

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awoke into laughter with eyes of laughter   
blissfully unaware that   
our tongues and 
are preparing for the 
metaphor of our memories. 

crunch the gravel, 
pulling about ourselves 
cold jackets
of the present,
head bent to steps.

We are 
drinking water from icy cups,
walking in the cold,   
breath curling in puffy gray-white 
snakes from our gaping 

And we who live in the 
present are leaving the past; 
walking, walking, walking
to where we

breaths curled in puffy gray-white 
snakes, vertically wriggling from our
November-mouths like softly billowing campfire smoke. 

Yet our Father, who lives in the 
present, will enter the future, leaving the 
past; He walked, walks, will walk in 
His coat, taking us home
with eyes of laughter.
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Ben Plunkett

Greetings from the booming metropolis that is Pleasant View, Tennessee. I am a man of constant spiritual highs and spiritual lows. I pray that I serve God at my highest even when I am lowest. Ben was a founding member of Rambling Ever On and a regular contributor and editor until his untimely death in April 2020. We wrote a tribute to him, but the best tribute you can give him would be to read all the wonderful poems, short stories, book reviews, theological essays, and ridiculous satire pieces he wrote for us. Pass them on to others and maybe allow Ben to inspire you to write something yourself.

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